KLA Business Values

We use these core values to guide us in our business practices, external and internal interactions, marketing, products, policies, and planning. If ever a question arises about something, this is the list we refer to in order to help us make the decision. Though not inclusive of all of our business ethics and objectives, this list represents the paramount requirements before we move forward with something.

1. Make no false claims either expressly nor by omission. 
Are we being as honest as we can?
Can this be misconstrued in any way?
Is this somehow misleading?
Is there a better way to say this?

2. Deliver to the higher of expectations or contractual obligations. 
Do we understand this customer or business person's expectations?
Have we fulfilled our responsibilities or met expectations to the best of our ability?
What is the value proposition and have we met it?

3. Sacrifice margins before customers. 
Does this exclude any of our potential customers?
Does this exclude any of our existing customers?

4. Inspire a minimum of two of the following: 

  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect and/or Dignity
  • Personal Insight
  • Individual Empathy
  • Individual Expression
  • Abstract Thought
  • A Healthy Sense of Humor

5. Be forthcoming and clear about motivations and goals. 
Have we been clear about our objectives?
Have we knowingly withheld our intentions?
Do they truly understand what it is we're asking for?

6. Be authentically respectful of yourself and others.  
Have we been professional and could this appear disrespectful?
Are we proud of what we've done?
Would your mom/dad/wife/husband/partner be proud of this?

7. Produce a beautiful and profitable product.  
Is it beautiful and will it make money?