Raincloud Over the Lake - Art Book now for purchase

Raincloud Over the Lake - Art Book now for purchase

So we've recently added Hardcover Art Books to our product line and are super excited about it.

After a lot of researching printers, we've found one that we feel reproduces the artwork with exceptional quality. Now we're working to add each original abstract painting as an Art Book.  We've added a few already and the latest, today in fact, we've added "Raincloud Over the Lake". This painting is an abstract acrylic mixed media painting and lighter colors such as pastel blue and pink.  It has strong geometric elements in darker blue, orange, and black.

The books are detailed studies of close up crops of each painting showing the brush strokes, splotches, and all the rest of the moments within the painting. Essentially, the paintings within the paintings.

Thanks you for looking and enjoy!

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