About Your Premium Napkins

Your new hand-printed napkins are a beautiful piece of homeware that you will cherish for years to come. Your custom napkins printed and made are available in different custom fabrics. Choose between the cotton satin, standard satin, or premium 100% silk satin. Each piece is hand stitched. They are carefully cut and hemmed by hand, ensuring an expert and custom finish. Your napkins are printed deep into the fibers of the fabric, creating a gorgeous, permanent print. 

Size (all fabrics)
15.75" x 15.75"

100% cotton
The 100% cotton has a chic matte finish and a slightly stiffer handle. This makes it wonderful at holding shapes - ideal for more formal occasions.

Care for 100% cotton: These can be cleaned on a cold, delicate wash only. To dry, we recommend using a cool tumble setting or simply hang dry. It is safe to use an iron on these.

Standard Satin
The standard satin napkins have a brilliant white base tone, which makes colors pop and leap off of the fabric. The textile has a slight sheen to it, which bounces light prettily off of the surface. This version is silky smooth and durable.

Care for standard satin: This option is slightly more durable and resilient. You can clean them on a 86°F machine wash and dry on a medium heat tumble setting. Alternatively, you can hang dry. The peached poly option is also safe to iron.

100% Silk Satin
The 100% silk satin is the ultimate luxury napkin. Super soft and light it makes for a beautifully delicate option. 

Care for 100% silk: As this napkin is made from 100% real silk, it is dry clean only. You can hand-wash cold, using silk detergent, and it is iron safe.