Waterfall Poll by artist Kevin Lucas

How To Use An Artist’s Work To Express Yourself

“Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity.” — Maxime Lagacé

     Self-expression isn’t a skill we attain or a certification we acquire. It’s like breathing. We all do it. A piece of art, whether a masterful oil painting or a doodle on a notepad, is the resulting documentation of self-expression, not the action itself. When an artist creates a work of art, his personal self-expression is done when the painting is done. It doesn’t maintain a life of its own past the moment the artist puts down the brush. What’s left is an artifact that offers insights into the artist's experience. It does, however, continue with a new purpose through time. It offers expressions, connections and insights. It’s potentially a translator of sorts, giving voice to those thoughts, feelings, and experiences of someone looking at it outside the context of the studio in which it was born. 

     Many people see a disconnect between those that create art and those that admire it, but in actuality, it’s a dynamic conversation between both parties. As humans, we’re communal and drawn into the unknown, with a sense of speculation and wonder. Artists in the world become outlets for so many people and form a relationship where their creations evoke understanding in others. Artwork is a form of self-expression for the creator and the observer. Everyone is uniquely drawn to art pieces for reasons both tangible and intangible. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a museum, and something palpably resonates with us. An connection is formed, and that’s what's so influential about art.

     All of us are gifted in different ways and express ourselves through various mediums. If a painter, for example, were to use their talent to embody an idea that is impactful to you, it’s a similar phenomenon to creating it yourself. People that don’t create themselves but have an artistic eye can feel a disconnect from the art community. The power lies in the fact that you can use an artist's artwork to express yourself and extend your imagination. 

It’s important to take note of art pieces that catch your attention

     If a painting sends you down a mental rabbit hole or encapsulates you for several minutes straight, remember how special it is to share this connection. You can use an artist’s work as a way to express yourself when you collect pieces that feel like an extension of you. When you walk into someone's house, you immediately begin to unravel their personality based on their home decor, art, books, and how they present themselves.

Art on your walls is a way to tell someone who you are, without ever saying anything at all

     The connection between the artist and the admirer is crucial because there is an unspoken understanding. Even though we didn’t create the art ourselves, we still feel like it has a place in our imagination

Run towards art that calls out to you or lingers in your mind for days

     When you begin to lean into your unique artistic eye, you can acquire pieces that feel like your own form of self-expression. Simultaneously, art helps us understand ourselves more. There’s a self-awareness that’s born through reflecting on an art piece, how it makes us feel, and why. These are all questions that can change by the day. Art allows you to express yourself and encourages your individualistic growth.